How does shipping work?

With us being based in New Germany KwaZulu-Natal, we are able to offer various shipping solutions to our customers. We have different methods of shipping depending on the destination. Each method comes with its own applicable cost. This charge covers the cost of our travel, packaging as well as the cost of the animals travel with the applicable service provider.


Please note that customers making use of this service will be responsible for collecting their snake from Kempton Park.

Cost R200 per package sent.

FREE SHIPPING to clients in Johannesburg spending over R1000.00

Cape Town

For animals travelling to Cape we are able to fly them directly from King Shaka International Airport to Cape Town International Airport.

Please note that the customer is responsible for collecting their snake from the airport.

Cost R400.00 per package sent.

East London, Port Elizabeth & George

For animals travelling any of these destinations, we are only able to fly them to you via a linked flight from King Shaka International Airport to O.R TAMBO then onto your destination. Due to this there are additional costs for the two flights involved.

Please note that the customer is responsible for collecting their snake from the airport.

Cost R550.00 per package sent.

What then?

Once your purchase has been paid in full and you have successfully obtained your permit, we will advise you of possible transportation dates and then we will make a booking and forward you a booking confirmation. If your animal has been sent with Bidvest Petlounge, you will be able to find directions to each branch on their website. Take your ID along with you when going to collect. You can find directions to each collection point, in this document


Each province in South Africa will have their own requirements with regards to what permits are required for the transportation of snakes into that province. Please contact your applicable Conservation Office to find out what their requirements are. Should you require a Bill of Sale from us, we will gladly provide one to you.

These permits are normally valid for 30 days from the date of issue, so dont get one too soon or you run the risk of it expiring before your purchase can be shipped.

Once you have received your permit, please mail it through to us on We will then be able to book the flights with Bidair Pet Lounge.

Shipping to small towns?

Occasionally we would be able to get your purchase to locations outside of the major cities, however this is not a certainty. Please enquire for more info.