Do you ship?

Due to us being based in Durban and with our animals in such high demand countrywide, we offer shipping across the country to all major cities and airports. Please check out the “Shipping” section of our website to find out more!

Can you deliver?

Unfortunately, we don’t do deliveries, however you are free to collect from us or to meet up somewhere within reason.

How do I pay for a purchase?

We accept Bank EFT or Cash.  Once your payment has cleared, your shipment can be delivered. Payments made in person must be made by cash. Payment in full is necessary before snakes are shipped or can be picked up.

Do you accept payment plans?

We do offer payment plans. Please enquire for more information

Do you offer tours?

No, most of our animals are kept in breeding racks and therefore not on display.

Can I come choose a snake to buy?/Can I come meet my new snake before buying it?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as we are strictly an online store. We keep visits to an absolute minimum to avoid disruptions to our staff and animals.

Please could you send me more pictures of the snake?

Unfortunately this is not possible. We upload 3 professional photographs of each listed animal on our website. These photos are taken immediately after the snakes second shed. We do not offer a pics on demand service to any prospective buyer.

Will you help me with my snake once I buy it?

All snakes sold by us are sold with the assumption that the new owner understands the basic needs of Ball Pythons as-well as their husbandry requirements. Please take note that we are strictly an online store where snakes are available for purchase. We do not have the resources available to coach prospective clients on species specific reptile husbandry. First time snake buyers need to be especially clear on this. We guarantee all animals to be healthy, established feeders and correctly sexed before delivery. We do not comment on snakes not purchased from us.

Something is wrong with my snake, can you help?

Sick and injured animals need to be seen by qualified veterinarians. This is the standard response you will receive from us. The worst thing you could do to your animal is take advice from somebody who is not qualified to do so.

Could you suggest what combos I should try and produce and could you help me breed my snakes?

Unfortunately, we just don’t have the time to help everyone decide on what to breed and how to breed it. We keep a large collection ourselves and need to dedicate our time to our own animals

Breeder “X” is selling “XYZ” at “Rxxx.xx, Is this a good price and is he trust-worthy??

Please don’t ask us this. We will not comment on animals not sold by us.

Someone on Facebook/Whatsapp Group said ………..

We do not participate in arguments on Social Media, Forums, Debates, Whatsapp groups etc. We only offer advise on our way of doing things and do not have the time or energy to try and correct all the misinformation that finds its way onto the internet.

The person I bought my snake from said they got it from you?

Please note that all of our guarantees fall away once the snake is sold to a third party.