Ok, so you’ve found a snake you want……..

At Ball Pythons Inc we place the well being of our animals at the top of our priorities! Because of this policy, every single snake that we sell is processed personally between ourselves and any potential buyer to ensure the health of the animals will not be compromised in any way!

By clicking “Proceed To Checkout” below, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. I have already spoken to my wife, partner, parents etc before contacting Ball Pythons Inc to purchase a snake.
  2. I understand that in order to reserve any animal, I will have to set down the minimum deposit as decided by Ball Pythons Inc.
  3. I have done all the neccessary research regarding the care and husbandry of the species I wish to purchase and believe I am capable of providing my new snake with all of these requirements.
  4. I understand it is not the responsibility of Ball Pythons Inc or their employees to provide me with husbandry specific support with regards to my purchase.
  5. I understand that any transactions are subject to approval by Ball Pythons Inc.
  6. You are in agreement with Ball Pythons Inc regarding the Genetic Identification represented of the animal in question as advertised. You also fully understand that this cannot be corrected in any way, shape or form at a later stage.

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